Does Corporate Hip-Hop Profit From Paying Black Men To Prey On Black Women

Corporate Hip-Hop has revealed itself to be a diamond-encrusted plantation where Black men are nothing but hedonistic slaves bound by whips and chains. It’s a place where rape culture is embraced, cultivated and financed, and women are drugged, told to “suck d*ck” or die.

Whew …that paragraph came from the article The Beat Bang Theory: How Corporate Hip-Hop Profits From Rape Culture written by  Kirsten West Savali.

In the article she claims that rappers like Rick Ross, Lil Wayne , Chief Keef and other are aggressive symptoms of a cultural cancer that has metastasized throughout our communities. And like any illness that is allowed to recklessly proliferate, the money is in the medicine, not the cure.

Here are several excerpts from that article:

This beat-laden pathology being pedaled as music is a complex pyramid scheme based on cultural theft and exploitation that can no longer be protected and preserved by those who profit from the facade.” And as long as rape culture generates revenue, sincere the efforts to empower women will never exist.

These pimps masquerading as corporations — and the Black-faces of patriarchy who love them — are proud stakeholders in the degradation and endangerment of women and they must be held accountable.

This is not love. This is war for the security of our daughters and the souls of our sons. That must, in no uncertain terms, be the non-negotiable line in the sand.

Violent words  hit, bang, beat, cut, smash have been re-appropriated to refer to pleasurable, consensual sexual activity. The Beat Bang Theory (double entendre intended) dictates that masculinity be defined by the authority — indeed, the right — to objectify, dehumanize, violate and destroy women, all while rocking a microphone.

You must read the rest of the article here.

Here’s our take on the situation.

Yes misogynist lyrics are a big part of Hip Hop and it is profitable. However I would make the case that most consumers who buy these types of records are not black women. There the problem these corporations do not have to please black women because they are not apart of the majority of their consumer base. Truth is the largest purchasers of rap come from white kids, many from wealthy neighborhoods. The degradation of women is not just in rap music, it’s worldly. Cultures around the world denigrate women.

Now back to Hip Hop, blacks make the music they don’t own it. So if you think these corporations what to start showing Black men in a positive light, loving women that look like them well in the words of Neely Fuller, “If you don’t understand racism-white supremacy what it is and how it works everything and I mean everything u understand will only confuse u.”

Until we start owning, operating and support our own image then were only going to get what they give us.

What are your thoughts….

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