The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

The Black Power Mixtape is an award winning compilation feature documentary that displays the story of the African-American community 1967-1975, the people, the society and the style that fueled a change. Told with sparkling, beautiful and deep footage, lost in the archives in Sweden for 30 years.

Lupe Fiasco talks Food & Liquor 2 “The Great American Rap Album”

Lupe Fiasco explains how “Bitch Bad” came about, talks about being a role model and “Food and Liquor 2” and  The Great American Rap Album.

Nas Discusses “Daughters”

Nas discusses one of the more personal songs “Daughters” of his latest album, “Life Is Good”. “Daughters,” deals with some of the issues the emcee has had with raising his daughter, Destiny Jones. Nas also spoke about how he would approach the record if it was his son.

How Music Artist Waste Their Money

One of the main missions of is to educate those who come to this site. So when we run across valuable information to give to our readers we post it. We recently read an article that explained how most rappers wastes their money. Do you know that the average rapper spends at least $1500 … Continue reading

How Mixtape Are Keeping Those In The Rap Game Broke

Mixtape/Street Album phenomena is killing the revenue flow in the Hip Hop game says Jesse Atkinson. He believes that the over-saturation of mixtape from rappers prevents artists and producers from getting paid; because rappers have trained their audience to expect free music.

Ice T: Guns Help You Protect Yourself From The Police

Since the terrorist attack that happen an Aurora, Colorado, movie theater screening of the new Batman film, there have been many talks about 2nd Amendment ( the one us that gives us the right to own guns.) Some believe that there should be stricter gun control laws and others defend Americans’ right to bear arms. One … Continue reading

Dj Angel Baby To Host’s 106 N Park Tonight

After the second set of hosts Rocsi and Terrence J announce their departure from BET’s flagship show, “106 & Park”, BET is looking for correspondents to replace the duo. Baltimore own DJ Angel Baby will be one of those who will audition to be the next host. She heads to New York today to host the show alongside Terrence J. Check her … Continue reading